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College of Science for Women in the University of Baghdad is one of the most prominent institutions that focuses on women's education, their intellectual development, and personality; it ensures that women posses the needed qualifications to have a positive and an important role in developing, construction, and also in dealing with the challenges facing our society.

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Biology Department

Computer Science Department

Chimestry Department

Physics Department

Mathematics Department


The undergraduate program in the College of Science for Women is four-year study. For the morning classes, the College offers Bachelor of Science degree in the following specialties: Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. While in the evening classes, the College affords the students Bachelor of Science degree in the former specialties except for the Department of Physics which offers Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Physics.

Dean's Address

Our college is a woman-guiding establishment concerned with intending women alumni who are intellectually and scientifically qualified and empowered to compete and be creative in various fields.